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Employer Trustees
Roger J. Giesinger
, Co-Chairman
President & Chief Negotiator,
Hampton Roads Shipping Association
Labor Trustees
Thomas M. Little, Co-Chairman

International Vice President,
International Longshoremen's Association
  • Corine Taylor
  • George Brown
  • James Michalski
  • Raymond Newlon
  • Peter Cooke
  • Kevin Price
  • Lambert Point Docks
  • CP&O
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Ceres
  • Virginia lnternational Terminals
  • Larry A. Bachtell
  • Ron Rascoe
  • Michael Heath
  • Samuel Davis, Jr.
  • Stephen Walton
  • Jonathan Coley
  • President, ILA Local 1624
  • President, ILA Local 1248
  • Vice President, ILA Local 1624
  • President, ILA Local 1736
  • President, ILA Local 1970
  • President, ILA Local 970
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